Hi, I'm TAB.

I'm a digital media consultant, or as sometimes happens, an insultant if that's what works. 

Actually, tabTV is an extension of the voice, life and career of me, Tab, AKA Richard Cardran - media technologist, creative director and serial entrepreneur.  

There are four primary areas to discover on this site, the video playlists with remarkable examples of mashups, remixes, supercuts and more. The meMEguide which details the various schools, trends and techniques of mix culture and the two blogs; mediaRANT about the business of media and MIXimalism, my personal thesis on the periodization label for first millennial decade of art and culture.

I've been engaged as an agent of change in the digital media space for over 16 years working with a majority of the top technology and media brands as well as creative entrepreneurial startups. I contribute my experience and ideation as a marketing technologist, digital strategist and business analyst including UX, content creation, distribution and monetization.

My short bragfest:

I've had the amazing experience of winning multiple Emmy Awards and I was recognized in the Hollywood Reporter/Producers Guild of America's year end "Digital 50" list of outstanding media professionals as well as Streaming Magazine's "Fifty Most Influential People in Streaming." There's more, but I'm not a rabid promosexual, unless its all you can drink Tuesday and you're buying.

My favorite things:

Favorite color is Breen (Blue / green) and my dog Bunny (she's a dog, not a bunny, she's just named bunny) and Culture Jamming, Burningman, Geeking out on technology, Art and hanging out with the best group of friends on the planet. There's more, but hey, it's not a personals ad.

Visit my LinkedIn profile if you'd like to know more.

My goal with tabTV is to provide a diversified entertainment and information resource devoted to uncovering and purveying the very best of pop culture as well as providing analysis and cultural forensics to reveal and demystify contemporary media memes. 

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